To reduce the fear and incidence of crime thereby working towards an improvement of the quality of life by promoting Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED) in Ontario and throughout Canada.

Who We Are 

CPTED Ontario (pronounced sep-ted) was developed in 2001 as an Association with a mission to reduce crime thereby working towards an improvement of the quality of life by promoting Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED) principles in Ontario.

What We Do 

CPTED Ontario's vision is to promote safe community design through advocacy, education and networking.

How We Do It

CPTED Ontario provides resource materials through educational pamphlets, newsletters and an active website, hands on training, conferences and zone meetings. All resources cover a wide variety of themes and topics that will help educate and promote CPTED Ontario's three Principles.


2021 Board of Directors

Executive Committee


Tom McKay


Principal, Centre for Behavioural Based Design



Sgt. Avery Bassett

Vice -President

Ontario Provincial Police



WGN Collaborative

CPTED Professional Training Centre

CPTED Professional Consulting Centre


Wayne Nishihama


Board Members


Danette Dalton

Executive Director, Workforce Planning Board of Grand Erie



Khatereh Baharikhoob

Senior Urban Designer & Landscape Designer




Kyle Eltherington

Senior Director, Risk Management & Corporate Security

Brink's Canada Ltd.



Brian Page

Molok North America Ltd



Sgt. kelly Prebble

Waterloo Regional Police Service



Barry Horrobin

Director of Planning & Physical Resources

Windsor Police Service


Timothy D. Crowe

Timothy D. Crowe, renowned criminologist and author of the text book on Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design, passed away on February 21, 2009 after a brief cancer-related illness. Tim served as a consultant and trainer over a distinguished 35 year period during which time he personally trained over 6,000 police officers, community planners and design professionals from across the United States and numerous other countries. Tim lent his expertise to housing, school security and transportation programs in Japan, New Zealand, Australia, Canada, The Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico. He was also instrumental in the planning of major events and neighbourhood redevelopment programs. Tim served as the Director of the National Crime Prevention Institute (NCPI) at the University of Louisville and created NCPI's CPTED training program and was the principle CPTED instructor for the American Crime Prevention Institute. On Oct. 19th, 2003, Tim was named the first Honourary member of CPTED Ontario having generously agreed to be the keynote speaker at the inaugural CPTED Ontario conference held in Mississauga, Ontario in the fall of 2001. Tim was invited back to our 7th annual conference where he once again agreed to generously speak at the York Region conference held in the fall of 2007. Tim’s academic studies include an extended stay in Florence, Italy, where he attended courses in architectural history and classics, a B. S. degree in Criminology and Humanities and a M. S. degree in Criminology. Tim is fondly remembered by those who knew him and benefitted from his “unique intelligence, wit and humour”. Tim was the first recipient of the CPTED Ontario Honour Roll.


Pat Saito

Pat Saito was first elected to Council in the City of Mississauga and Region of Peel in 1991. Having had a long history of community involvement that included serving on the local residents' association and bringing recreational and social programs to her community, Pat's focus during her long career in politics has been on community development. As a volunteer and now as Councillor, Pat dedicates much of her time to crime prevention, traffic safety, health and youth and children's issues. Pat was a founding Director of the Mississauga Crime Prevention Association (now Safe City Mississauga) in 1992 and served as a director for much of her time on Council. Working with Tom McKay of Peel Regional Police, Pat initiated the very successful Peel Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design Committee in 1994, which she chaired for many years. This committee resulted in CPTED being incorporated into all planning within the City of Mississauga and the Region of Peel and developed principles of design that are still in use today. As the work of the Peel CPTED Committee was fulfilled, in 2005 Pat initiated and served on the Peel Youth Violence Prevention Network. She also served on the Peel Regional Police Internet Safety Committee. In 2006, Pat's contributions were recognized by Peel Regional Police who awarded her the prestigious Robert Boyne Award for Crime Prevention. In 2013 she was further honoured with the Crime Prevention Ambassador Award by the International Society of Crime Prevention Practitioners. Pat believes that it is important to design communities that encourage residents to get outside walking and cycling as it promotes both health and safety. She was instrumental in ensuring that an entire community of 50,000 people in her ward was designed to be pedestrian and transit friendly as well as safe. By implementing basic CPTED principles, the Churchill Meadows community in northwest Mississauga is an example of how the proper design can create safer streets and parks. Pat presented the plans for this community at a Making Cities Livable Conference and hopes to go back in the future to show how successful the design has been. She continues to apply CPTED on a daily basis to resolve crime issues and concerns in her community and to educate residents on how some simple changes can improve the safety of their property. Pat was the second person to be named to the CPTED Ontario Honour Roll at the 2015 CPTED Ontario conference.

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