“On February 11, 2021, CPTED Ontario passed a motion to “transition into a national CPTED organization by January 30, 2022.”


In 2020, CPTED Ontario engaged with CPTED practitioners from Western Canada and discussed a possibility of creating national CPTED organization for Canada.


CPTED Ontario was formed in 2001, with its mission to reduce crime thereby working towards an improvement of the quality of life by promoting Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design in Ontario. CPTED Ontario’s vision is to promote safe community design through advocacy, education and networking.


Over the years, CPTED Ontario flourished with a strong base of local individual and corporate members. In the absence of any other provincial organizations, CPTED Ontario also attracted other members from across Canada, which led to our current discussion of a national CPTED organization.


Our membership would benefit from the formation of a larger organization, as it will bring more memberships, resources and revenue, which will lead to more educational and advocacy opportunities. More importantly, we will have a boarder impact on quality of life in Canada and create a unified voice in Canada and on the international stage.


I am pleased to announce that a transition team has been formed for the purpose of laying down the groundwork to make a national CPTED organization into reality. To date the transition team has been responsible for the name selection process which resulted in "CPTED Canada" being chosen as the new name of organization. During the remainder of the  year, we will undertake to keep you informed of our progress of the transition and give you opportunities for input into this initiative.


If you would like further information or are currently not a member of CPTED Ontario and are interested in potentially becoming a member of this exciting, new organization or, I encourage you to contact us at Thank you.


Tom McKay, President

CPTED Ontario

Seneca College/ CPTED Ontario Virtual Conference and Workshop

“Interdisciplinary Approaches to Crime Prevention: The Future of Community Safety and CPTED”


On Friday March 26, 2021, Seneca College hosted a virtual conference and workshop in partnership with CPTED Ontario. The invitations were sent to the students of the 2nd year Environmental Landscape Management and the 3rd and 4th Crime and Intelligence Analysis Degree programs as well as faculty members and professionals. Sixty people tuned into the event.


Tom McKay, CPTED Ontario President held the opening session on “A beginner’s guide to using CPTED to prevent and address crime problems”. It was followed by two breakout sessions on “Calling all Crime Analysts” conducted by Tom McKay and the other on “Landscaping with CPTED in Mind” conducted by Wayne Nishihama, landscape architect and a Director of CPTED Ontario.


CPTED Ontario wishes to thank Gary Galbraith, the Academic Chair of the School of Public Safety & Behavioural Studies; School of Recreation & Environmental Studies, for arranging and hosting the workshop.  We look forward to collaborative events with Seneca College in the future.

CPTED Ontario By-laws

( as amended February 11, 2021)


The CPTED Ontario By-laws, as amended on February is now posted in the Members Only Section

CPTED Ontario Membership List


The Membership List has been updated, as of March 1, 2021 and is posted in the Members Only Section